Missions and Outreach


We are here to proclaim the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ to Sterling, Wayne County, Ohio and to the ends of the earth.


ChristChurch’s Missions Committee is here to connect our church to the global Church; the global church that is both near and far. Encouraging our local body to see the world in a missional way; recognizing that the church is bigger than the walls of our building. 


           ChristChurch’s Missions Committee will seek to invest our church prayerfully, financially, and personally; to be an inch wide and a mile deep. Knowing that we only have a finite number of resources we want to support missions and/or missionaries that allow us to be fully invested. Our belief is that the more avenues we have, the deeper we will care and the greater impact we can have. We commit ourselves to the spread of the gospel knowing that often our actions are as powerful of witnesses to the gospel as are our words.


           ChristChurch’s Missions Committee will continuously seek ways to cultivate and encourage missional hearts. Building opportunities for those within the church to enter the ministry. 

Missionaries and Ministries supported by ChristChurch.

  • Haitian Christian Outreach
  • Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County
  • The Server